Leadout Ministries is a non-profit organization providing inspirational and educational resources for churches, schools and communities.



The Name

The name “Leadout” comes from the Latin word educare, which means; “to lead out, to raise up, to praise sky high.” It was used in a nautical sense to capture the towing of a smaller boat by a larger one to set it out to sea. The image portrayed what we long to see happen with young people—negotiate the difficult waters together and and send them out.

The Ministry

Over the years, we have provided:

  • Training for churches, schools, summer camps, and community service organizations.
  • Books, curriculum, and resources that meets the needs of people who work with young people.
  • Time tested strategies and best practices for engaging young people in a lifestyle of service.
  • Support for effective tutoring, mentoring, and coaching in schools and churches. 

In the Works

We're currently working on some very exciting new projects, among them:

For Youth: A look at last day events that begin and end with the words of Christ but also connect to the Bible prophecies about the end.

This resource seeks to build a deep, personal ownership of world missions through a wide variety of activities. For children, youth and adults! Prominently used in classrooms and churches.

A simple guide for pastors that hosts a menu of practical  exercises for engaged couples preparing for marriage.

In this book we report the results of four years of research on the journey young adults take to make their life meaningful. Amid an unprecedented flurry of warnings sounding an urgent alarm that young adults are “leaving the church” we sought to understand the tasks of young adult faith. The results of this study offer insight that describes the endeavors young adulthood while extending encouragement and a challenge to communities of faith.

Let us know if you are interested in:

  • pre-ordering a resource
  • piloting a resource in your home, church or school
  • offering your input (two cents)



Change the Day Mission Trip

March, 2017

Destination: Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Spokane  

Noon on Saturday, until 2 p.m. on Tuesday. 

This trip will have three components. First, we want to create good surprises for people in each city. Second, we want to share Bible studies. Third, and finally, we want to reach out to the members of our faith community. 

Lodging: students and sponsors will have hotel rooms reserved for them. 


Outreach Development

Beyond generating ideas for service, we model high impact community outreach and extend our experience to other groups and organizations.

A primary need in every community is intentional support for education. Teachers face the challenge of teaching young people who come to school but are not always ready to learn. This could be the result of many issues ranging from fragile homes to the effects of an overwhelming pace of life.  We have discovered that providing a healthy mentorship program can inspire and equip students to achieve great things.

Mentoring can be implemented in a variety of formats including; project-based learning, spiritual growth, developing and refining study skills, service-oriented leadership, athletics, the arts, and many other settings.



We consistently provide training for churches, schools and various organizations to be more effective in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Teaching and Training
  • Outreach and Service
  • Creating a Culture of Mentoring
  • Strategic Planning
  • Outdoor Education

To inquire about scheduling a Leadout Ministries training event, email us at


The Shipyard Model

The nautical theme emerged and The Shipyard Model of youth ministry was created based on a sequential progression of seven ships that could transform the experience of a young person in the life of the church. The seven ships are benchmarks that describe the kinds of activities that need to be at work in the local church in order for it to effective.