Student Leadership: Matthew Cosaert

Leadout Ministries has some amazing interns, and we'd like you to meet one of them. Matthew Cosaert is a junior theology major at Walla Walla University. He's studying to become a pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Matt started working for us in June, 2016, and has directed some of the youth programs for me over this last year. Some of the programs he helps with are the youth Sabbath school classes, outreach opportunities in the area with students, leading a youth group, Bible studies, and small groups.

According to Matt, the thing he enjoys most is spend time with people. "I spend most of my time talking with youth about all kinds of subjects. I get to learn what they are passionate about and share things that I am passionate about with them."

Where does his passion for ministry come from? From his desire to serve God. "I have come to love studying the Bible and learning how it applies to my daily life. This is a passion I want to share with others so that they can find out about the amazing love of our Savior, Jesus Christ."

Thank you for all your hard work, Matt!