Change the Day

How important are acts of kindness?

Almost fifteen years ago Leadout Ministries implemented a service project in the Walla Walla valley. The project, titled “Change the Day,” is funded by a few coin jars that are placed in offices around the community of Walla Walla and College Place.

Once a month, Leadout Ministries takes both high school and college students on a trip around town to find opportunities to pay it forward.

What difference does it make? It makes a world of difference to people who receive it. A day can tip one way or the other based on one surprise.

Participating in acts of kindness not only encourage others, but it changes the way people who witness this see people of faith. Acts of kindness change the people who participate—significantly, because when you give to help and don’t seek credit or a reward, it is one of the richest experiences of all.

Jesus said, “If you give a cup of cool water to one of the least of these, you will not lose your reward.” He also said, “Let your light shine that the world may see your good works and glorify God in heaven.”

Paul says, “When you have the opportunity, do good to all, especially those of the household of faith.” 

Rich or poor, it makes no difference. Everyone can use the encouragement.

It only takes a simple gesture to make someone’s day better.

Let's put beautiful surprises in the lives of people!

What are simple ways that we can make a difference with pocket change? Comment below!