RoundAbout Faith

The book "RoundAbout Faith" explores 28 Christian teachings that are anchored in the Person of Christ. Each fundamental belief is organized into four parts that relate to the process of negotiating through a roundabout. 

We Enter. We Yield. We Merge. We Continue.


Sneak Peek

Enough Said, The Holy Scriptures

He glued the leather cover of a Bible over a cheap romance novel. The original Bible had been ruined by water damage in a flood and only the cover was still intact. While speaking to a gathering of young adults, the pastor opened what appeared to be the Bible and began to tear pages irreverently as he read, tossing the pages casually on the ground. The crowd gasped. Some stood up, looking around nervously for someone to do something about "the heretic." 

Just as the crowd became agitated enough to leave, the pastor cleared his throat, help up his hand for order and said, "Please know that I would never mistreat a Bible. This book is a fake and not a real Bible at all..."

The curious assembly listened carefully as he continued. "But let me ask you; what is worse, tearing the Bible out of disrespect or completely ignoring it, knowing full well it is God's message to you?"

Think about it.