Out of the Shipyard

Our roots began with this book - a model for youth ministry. 

Out of the Shipyard is a philosophy of youth ministry based on seven essential benchmarks that foster enduring growth for young people. Each chapter includes a nautical metaphor and a biblical discussion, followed by stories and practical ideas. This book provides a coherent model that enables youth leaders, Sabbath school teachers, parents, and pastors to know how to grow with young people into passionate and committed workers for Christ in local churches and communities here, and out into our whole world.. and more importantly, why.


Sneak Peek

Chapter 2

Net Work - Building Authentic Relationships

A net is comprised of a series of small knots that intersect and create a network of strength. In the same way, relationships are comprised of various intersections—connections. Our connectedness with young people may exist from a series of many little experiences or points of contact. Our stories, commonplace or mundane, make up the very stringy tapestry we call a relationship. The knots are bound together by little experiences and stories, interactions, reactions and attitudes and perceptions about them. The net is only effective if the strings are tied together in some way...

The beginning of youth ministry is net work: making little knots of trust and acceptance in the lives of children and youth, tying up the two strings that illustrate how your life intersects with their lives. First, we need to know what the intersections are. Then we need to make them happen or seize them when they emerge...

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