A new school year brings excitement and new opportunities for youth and young adults in service. Friends of Walla Walla connect mentors (youth, young adults, and those who are young at heart) into the lives of children at schools. If you have an hour during lunch—any day of the week, why not spend a few moments and making someone’s day? One hour a week with your “friend” at lunch and spend their recess doing whatever they want do; sports, drawing, playing games, or anything else you or your Friend can dream up.

Be a role model for your Friend. Be an example for them how to treat others well. Bring life and confidence to a child. Watch the Friends video and consider how you can be the best part of another’s day!

If you are in Walla Walla Valley, sign up for the Friends program this school year. Or, look around in your schools and community to find how to bring joy into life of a child. Contact us at (509) 301-6951 for questions about bringing goodness to kids in your neighborhood.