Leader's Guide

For Juniors, Teens, and Youth

This book is a comprehensive resource that includes a rich discussion of the different ways to lead young people at different stages of development. The Leader's guide includes insights into the process of preparing young people on their journey toward baptism. The Leader's Guide contains:

  • All the material in the three student editions
  • Instruction and background information on how to teach
  • Commentary and prompts for interactive learning
  • Annotated suggestions for each topic


Discipleship Guide for Youth

How to be sure about your faith and shamelessly share it

The youth version of Christwise is a versatile resource that filters our fundamental beliefs through engaging stories in everyday life and makes Christ central to every doctrine. Since youth need more variety, this resource comes equipped with 21 small group studies on the life of Christ.


Discipleship Guide for Teens

Taking your relationship with God into your own hands

Teens are making their way through an exciting yet tentative stage of life. This ChristWise resource seeks to engage teens in a relevant, Biblical journey of Adventist beliefs.


Discipleship Guide for Juniors

How to have a relationship with Jesus that really works

When junior age young people choose to follow Jesus the sparks fly when they experience the confidence and possibilities of walking with Christ as a believer. With great role models and clear, Biblical conversation, juniors will grow by leaps and bounds as they make their way in the footsteps of their mentors.