Fellowship, an Anchor

Essential Benchmark 2


"No man is an island." The poet John Donne captured the essence of fellowship well. It is much more than a potluck dinner. Fellowship is about a sense of unity. It causes us to rise higher in our aspirations. In Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Solomon talks about the idea that fellowship strengthens us and keeps us from going in the wrong direction.

It's like the role of an anchor. The multi-pronged anchors are a vivid example. They are made of several barbs connected together, and while only one barb may catch the floor to secure the boat, their collective strength holds them firmly in place. 

When young people participate in fellowship in the form of small groups, community service and short-term mission trips, they partake in something that bonds them to each other and to the God they serve. 

We were never meant to grow closer to God in isolation.

Suggestions for Anchoring

Try the following.

1. Start small. A small group of three that has already started is much more effective than a small group of ten that may start sometime next month. You will always be able to gain more interest when people talk about what has already happened than some great idea that we hope will work. 

2. Start with their interests. If you see students with a particular interest, auto mechanics for example, find ways that those students can use their interests to meet the needs of others. 

3. Start. Whether it's scheduling a regular event at your house or inviting a few students to help you minister to someone in need, every step you take unites young people under a common vision to bring the grace of God to others.

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